Excavation & Grading

Leave Digging to the Pros

Leave Digging to the Pros

Hire our team for excavation services in Jacksonville, FL

Before construction can get underway, you must clear your land of vegetation and make erosion control preparations. N. Florida Land Services, LLC has over 10+ years of excavation experience in the Jacksonville, FL area. We can sculpt your lot to give it the correct level, slope and depth. We can also survey the ground and do the land grading to specifications.

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If you're preparing your land for construction, reach out to N. Florida Land Services for professional land grading. Our land grading work includes gravel and concrete installation, which helps to create a flat, level surface for you to build on. For example, we can lay concrete for driveways, walkways and garages. Rely on us to get your building project started on the right foot.

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